Corte Realdi

Luxury Boutique Accommodation in Verona, Venice, Torino and Garda

Your accommodation comes as either rooms or suites. We have a range of rooms to suit your needs, varying from functional to opulent and grand. Our rooms all have en-suite bathrooms, Nespresso machines, tea making facilities, TV and radio. Our suites have separate living rooms to sleeping rooms, most have a kitchen as well and the same number of bathrooms as bedrooms. Everywhere you get a continental breakfast included each day, which of course you can upgrade to a cooked breakfast if you wish.


Luxury Rooms Verona

Porta Borsari - Arena

Renaissance, art nouveau grand rooms in the 17th Century Palazzo Negri. Some rooms boast a balcony overlooking the Roman Porta Borsari, the main city entrance and toll gate (‘borsa’ means purse in Italian). In Roman times this is where you would have been charged to enter the city. Other rooms have a terrace that overlooks the ancient San Matteo Church.

Luxury Rooms - Torino

Piazza Castello

An experience like no other. Our apartments are renaissance or designer Italian homes, tastefully adapted to provide all of the comforts and services of a luxury hotel. For each of them we offer an entire experience based around a sultry, romantic break in the city of Italian royalty.

Boutique Rooms Verona

Porta Borsari - Arena

A simple, straightforward bedroom accommodation located 50m up a little Vicolo, off of the busy Corso. Porta Boasari Arena is 1 minute from the Porta Borsari, 3 minutes (150 meters) from Piazza Erbe and 5 minutes (300 meters) from the Arena di Verona.

Boutique Rooms - Garda

Garda, Lake Garda

Located on a quiet street just 20 meters from the beautiful lakefront Piazza Catullo, one of northern Italy’s most picturesque squares and Lago di Garda.


Suites - Verona

Piazza Erbe

A group of fantastic 1,2 & 3 bedroom suites above Verona’s most atmospheric spaces, the Piazza Erbe and Piazza dei Signori (Dante). All rooms have terraces or balconies on which you can elegantly sip a Prosecco whilst looking down on the hustle and bustle of humanity in the Piazza below.

Suites - Venice

San Polo

Three Suites in a carefully renovated 17th century palazzina, in the San Paolo district of the city just a few minutes from the Rialto Bridge, the historic fish market and less than 10 minutes from Piazza San Marco (St. Mark’s Square).