Welcome to Corte Realdi

Luxury Boutique Accommodations in Verona, Venice, Torino and Garda

Corte Realdi isn’t just a unique place to stay, it’s an entire experience. When you arrive in Verona, Venice, Torino or Garda we’ll make contact with you, arrange to meet you, hand over the keys and check you in to your private rooms.

About Corte Realdi

What can you expect?

  • Unique Places – the ‘wow’ of entering a renaissance era building blended with modern Italian design
  • Impeccable attention to detail – everything a five-star hotel provides but in an apartment
  • The best of a private suite of apartments and suite in a hotel
  • Extraordinary experiences – things you didn’t even know you wanted to try until we made them easy

Corte Realdi in Verona

Corte Realdi is so much more than just a place to stay. It’s an experience in its own right where you can live la dolce vita and indulge all of your desires and dreams.. All of our apartments and rooms are located close to Verona’s iconic and famous attractions; the Arena di Verona, the Porta Borsari, La Casa Giulietta, Castelvecchio & Piazza Erbe. Your rooms and suite apartments have been designed to harmonise Italy’s grand architectural tradition with its modern design. You’ll experience contemporary art alongside Roman and medieval frescoes, flower laden terrazzo’s and free wifi.. Benvenuti a Verona!

Corte Realdi in Venice

Corte Realdi Suites Venezia offers guests five-star luxury inside their very own apartment. Tucked away in the San Polo area of the city and within walking distance of Rialto bridge & traditional fish market and and St. Mark’s Square & Basilica. You can live like a local and visit like a tourist.

Pimp my Stay

Your room or suite will have everything you need in it to make it feel like the 5* accommodation it is. But there’s always a little bit more that can be included, right?