Experiences at Corte Realdi

You travel for many reasons. What we’ve learned about travel to Verona, Venice, Torino and Garda is that it’s usually for one of three reasons; 

  • To experience the glorious cuisine and wines of the Veneto, Alto Adige and Piemonte regions
  • To immerse yourself in the art, music and architecture of these regions
  • To enjoy a romantic and intimate getaway with your significant other

So we’ve built our experiences around each of these themes.

Arts & Culture

We’ll take you backstage to the places that only the locals, the cognoscenti, know about so that you can experience the passion and drama of the Arena, the Teatro Romano and the lesser known archaeological sites of ancient Verona during your stay. Build your own itinerary from the options in our Art arts Culture Experience.    

Romantic Stay

Release the inner lover in you and let your imagination take you both to a higher place. Verona is, after all the City of Romeo and Giulietta and Venice that of Casanova!    

Gastronomy & Wine

The Veneto, the region encompassing Verona, Garda & Venice are no exception when it comes to contributing to Italy’s world famous food and wine. If you love to indulge in the finer things in life, our exclusive foodie experiences are just for you.