Corporate & Social

Our Philosophy at Corte Realdi is to treat you as an individual, giving you a personal, intuitive and fuss free service that reflects your tastes. We’ll offer you a range of services way beyond just a room and a bed to make every stay unique and special to you.

Social responsibility is very important to us. We have a vision to have a green heart – a symbol of love and respect for people, the planet and a commitment to a sustainable future. Our environmental initiatives; we try to reduce single-use items, reuse them where possible and recycle everything we can are just some of the ways we are bringing this to life.  We’re Italian and proud of it. We prioritise ‘Made in Italy’ products, we’ll always speak to you a little in Italian and we always have time for a coffee.

Corte Realdi Philosophy encourages in-room recycling by providing separate rubbish containers, as well as providing guests with literature on the benefits of reducing tap time and re-using towels. We’re committed to using non-toxic cleaning products . We use energy saving lightbulbs in all our locations, and the majority of paper stock we now use is low environment impact, much of which is created with recycled pulp or virgin pulp sourced from forests where trees are replaced or allowed to regenerate naturally.

And just as importantly, we want to give you memorable experiences of integrity that complement your interests and lifestyle. So at Corte Realdi we encourage you to explore the locality and have adventures rather than excursions and help the local, artisan producers wherever possible.