Why Stay in a luxury apartment and not a hotel room? | Corte Realdi

Much has changed over the past decade in the way we not only book accommodation but also the different formats of rooms we can now choose from! The days of being restricted to a single and boring hotel room are now firmly over, thanks to the introduction of serviced apartments and their added benefits!

Guests now enjoy increased levels of flexibility and independence when booking your own luxury apartment, perfect for families and those looking for that added level of luxury and comfort. Here at Corte Realdi, we are proud to offer our guests some of the finest and most luxurious serviced apartments in the whole of Verona and Venice, equipped with every amenity needed for the most luxurious of stays, but why chose a serviced apartment?

Advantages of Serviced Apartments?

A luxury serviced apartment offers guests a greater level of privacy to a standard hotel room. Enjoy flexible maid visits suited around your needs and time frame, from every day to weekly cleaning services, allowing you to focus on relaxing with fewer distractions, leaving you to enjoy your trip.


One of the most prominent and noticeable advantages for any guest choosing to stay inside serviced apartments will be the increase in space. Even the most expensive hotel suite in Verona/Venice can still feel on the more claustrophobic side, with your bed and living space crammed in on top of each other. Our serviced apartments here at Corte Realdi are equipped with their own living room and kitchen.


Staying inside a luxury serviced apartment gives guests the flexibility to live how they want, without any interference from others. This allows guests to control what/when they eat as well as well as who they invite around for social meetings in their own private lounge area, perfect for corporate meetings.


A common misconception is that serviced apartments cost astronomically more than hotel rooms. This is just not the case, with most serviced apartments equalling the same cost for any luxury hotel room (especially in Venice). Service apartments involve fewer add-on charges and come with a fitted kitchen, allowing guests to spend more time at home preparing food, instead of using hotels over price restaurant.