Verona’s Architecture

Part of traveling is being able to see the story of each place on every step you take. Isn’t that the beauty of traveling? Embracing the different sceneries and moments that make that country special and unforgettable? Well, here at Corte Realdi we want to continue your picturesque fairytale, join us as we tell you the top architectural buildings in to see in Verona.  

Palazzo Giardino Giusti

This architectural beauty gives you a delicate step into 16th century Mannerist architecture. Walk through the gardens that are known to be one of the finest Italian Renaissance gardens in the country. Here you will notice the exquisite architecture that makes this site so memorable. One last thing, don’t forget to share your experiences here at Corte Realdi, we would love to hear it.  

Arche Scaligere

Now, this is a site that will keep you in awe. This location serves as a funerary complex built by the acclaimed De Salla family. Its 14th-century gothic architecture will feed your eyes with intricate glory. Here you will see the tomb of Cangrande Della Scala, known to be the sole ruler of Verona in 1311 at the age of 20, a successful warrior and autocrat. Now that’s history at your fingertips, right?  

Villa Mosconi Bertani

Did you think Corte Realdi was going to forget about mentioning delicious wine? Think so not! This location is the home of legendary wines such as the Amarone and Valpolicella. Here you can tinker in some wine tasting or simply explore the 18th-century architecture initially created by Adriano Cristofali. Either way, make sure to show us pictures of your trip!