Tips for a Veronian Style of Dining

Verona is one of the homes for a traditional and authentic style of Italian dining, attracting diners from across the globe. Ever fancied a classic Risotto? Or a juicy Bistecca di Cavallo? Well, while staying in Verona, get ready for an overload of mouth-watering flavours. Here we will give you some excellent suggestions for your memorable night out in Verona, with most planning their next trip back before leaving!


Cangrande Ristorante & Enoteca

Currently ranked as the top and best fine dining restaurant on TripAdvisor. Cangrande offers an array of fresh and delicious meal choices in the heart of Verona, within a 5-minute walk from us at Corte Realdi. Some platters include risotto, fresh octopus salad, and lastly a scrumptious tiramisu to nourish your sweet tooth, all cooked to perfection.

Dari Ristorante & Enoteca

This is a beautiful restaurant that is only an 8-minute walk through the eye-catching Piazzetta Mura Gallieno. This fine dining cuisine offers a delicious selection of authentic Italian delights. Some examples include fresh pasta, duck selections, and mouth-watering gelato.


Casa Perbellini

A classic Italian restaurant that is only a 7-minute drive through the memorable Verona canal, what a sight! At this restaurant, you will find rich grattini, amuse-bouche, and crispy red mullet. Let's not forget a Manzoni Bianco for your tastebuds.