The Ultimate Venice Trip | Corte Realdi

Be Prepared to get completely lost

One of Venice’s most noticeable and charming traits is its ability to lend astray even the most notorious of navigators, ending to an array of dead-ends and backtracks. Regardless if you're a direct descendant from Christopher Columbus, you will more than likely find yourself facing a dead end and having to quickly retreat. Even the use of Google Maps will often lead you to become more confused, leading you further down dead alleys and ultimately away from where you were intending to go. The best way to get around the confusion is to simply accept the fact that you will find yourself getting lost among the windy backstreets and allow an extra hour to travel to your destination. A lot of the time, you will find the loss of direction refreshing, while coming across an array of sites and Instagram opportunities that you would never have known existed.

Get up early in the popular months

During the popular summer months here in Venice, the most popular tourist attractions can become extremely busy, especially the famous Piazza San Marco square. This is where getting up early can be extremely useful and beneficial for your overall trip. Enjoy clear streets and empty queues while taking in Venice's beauty.

Be sure to spend some time outside of the main tourist attractions

When visiting such a beautiful and well-known city like Venice, it is often easy to get carried away with the buzz of the main and most famous tourist attractions that line every postcard. However, when visiting an area like Venice it is also important to remember that there is more to a place than what TripAdvisor rates the highest. These locations, restaurants, fountains are all dotted around the city and can only be accessed via foot.