The best ways to get around Venice

Venice is known for being one of the most beautiful and picturesque locations in not only Italy but the world, attracting 20 million annual tourists every year. In such a small surface area, Venice is easily one of the highest populated areas in Europe, often making navigating around the city slightly tricky at times, factoring in the fact the city is made up of 100 islands connected by a series of waterways and canals! Don't panic! In this blog, the team here at Corte Realdi are here to help you clear up any confusion when it comes to figuring out the best and most effective means of navigating around the city. Ensuring that more time can be spent exploring the beautiful scenery and less time standing around queuing! Thankfully Venice’s infrastructure has hugely improved over the past few decades, ensuring guests now have a variety of travel options to chose from while moving around.


Often underrated and forgotten, Venice is a walking city, with a variety of streets, made exclusively just for users on foot, allowing you to focus on the cities beautiful architecture! However be sure to allow for some extra time while travelling by foot, as Venice streets are notoriously confusing with many streets ending in dead-ends and others simply vanishing off the map altogether! Adding to the fun and charm of Venice! However, to stop confusion, the team would suggest taking advantage of one of the cities walking tours, hosted by a native guide, who will be able to give you a few tips and help you to navigate through the maze of Venice streets.

The Vaporetti

The Vaporetto is one of the most popular methods to travel around Venice, for both tourists and locals. The Venice water boats all vary in size and comfort and work just like a bus. The Vaporetto is one of the cheapest ways to get around town. If you are planning on visiting Venice for more than 5 days it would be beneficial to look into the benefits of investing in a “Vaporetto Pass” enabling tourists to enjoy reduced water bus fares, just like a local!

Private Taxi

As you know Venice is built up over 100 small islands, with a variety of canals connecting them together. This enables boats to be the main means of transport for tourists when travelling around the city. At any point, tourists can venture over to a taxi rank and flag down a boat to transport them around, just like any other taxi you may find in a big city. However, be careful as these taxi trips are expensive and can often run up to large sums of money!

The Gondolas

A trip to Venice would be incomplete without enjoying a romantic trip down the canal in the classic Gondola. Although in recent times the classic Gondola has become the ideal backdrop for a social media picture, they still remain as one of the quickest and most effective ways to travel around the city.


The Traghetti is one of the cheapest ways to get around Venice, with an average ride only costing €0.50 and operating throughout the daytime. Ther service is run via unadorned boats which run a ferry service along the Grand Canal, stopping at six different intervals. However, be aware that the Traghetti's can become popular at peak times, often resulting in long queues!