The Perfect Afternoon Fillers in Venice!

Venice Italy is one of the worlds most special wonders, attracting millions of tourists every year. Venice is made up of 100 small individual islands, all crammed with renaissance architecture, ancient churches and famous museums. This rich selection of ancient history, dating back hundreds of years makes Venice one of the most fascinating places to visit in the world. These natural and untouched sites are a spectacle in there own regard, often forgotten about by the main bulk of tourists all flocking the more well-known sites spread across the city. As well as being much quieter than the other sites, these do not cost any money and are equally impressive. This got the team here at Corte Realdi thinking on what some of the best attractions are in the city, that doesn't cost a penny, allowing guests to spend a little bit extra on other things!

Get Lost In Endless Canals

Venice has more than 150 canals twisting and interconnecting around the city, all lined by traditional stone houses, straight from a drawing book. Take a wander around one afternoon with your camera and explore the many waterways through the use of over 400 bridges.

Learn about Venice's Rich Musical History

Venice has a long associated history with music and opera. Located near the Renaissance Scuola Grande di San Rocco art museum in the San Polo sestiere you’ll find the Museo Della Musica. This is one of the cities only museums dedicated to its rich culture in music, including one of the largest collections of ancient musical instruments and a section dedicated to the art of violin-making. The museum is completely free to enter and will leave you with a new and fond appreciation for the art of music.

Explore the art of window shopping

Window shopping in Venice is a fantastically fun activity! Most shops purposefully place an inviting window up-front prompting tourists to come inside and look. An afternoons trip down one of the many shopping streets can often provide countless amounts of fun and enjoyment. We would recommend heading down to the Strada Nova, full to the brim with small shops and local retailers.

A trip to Saint George

Saint George in San Giorgio dei Greci is one of the oldest and most well-known churches from the Orthodox Diaspora. The church is highly regarded as one of the best Orthodox temples in the world, thanks to its breathtaking architecture, leaning bell tower and rich historical routes.