Summer Outfit Essentials for Venice

Ever wondered what to wear during your stay in the country of culture, fashion, and luxe? Well, take a look below at our go-to guide and fashion tips for your next trip to Venice. As the travelling season picks up, here are the perfect outfit essentials to wear during your time here with us at Corte Realdi, perfect for exploring Venice in comfort and style.


Sun is up! Dresses are a cute way to beat Venice’s hot summer days and starry nights near the lakes, however, be sure to pack your mosquito repellent! You can opt for a maxi dress or even a short sundress. However, make sure you take a scarf with you, as the temperature can sometimes drop down a few degrees at night time. That is a must darling!


There are so much simple and intricate beauty in stripes. Stripes will allow you to blend perfectly into the Venice culture. Whether it is navy blue, red or even green stripes, any colour will work perfectly for those Insta-worthy photos.


A flowy blouse is a must. It is elegant, simple and stylish. You can wear printed blouses or even just a solid colour. Either way, you will not regret wearing it.

Palazzo Trousers

Oh me oh my! These style of pants are a favourite in everyone’s closet, even in Venice! They are light, versatile, and perfect for a day by the lakes or a night by your favourite local restaurant.