Romantic Agenda for couples in Verona

Verona is famous for a variety of things, from its delicious food to its jaw-dropping architecture. However, one of Verona’s main draws has always been its strong romantic routes, attracting millions of couples every year to visit the scene of the worlds most famous love story, often ending up with a generic Instagram picture underneath the world famous balcony! This combined with the cities overall drama and history make it the ultimate place to take a loved one on a memorable romantic trip. However, while visiting the city of Romance, it can be hard to fit in all of the sites! This is where the team at Corte Realdi hope to step in, in order to provide some guidance on the best and most worthwhile sites to visit.

The Romeo and Juliet Balcony

Locally known as the Casa di Giulietta, enjoy walking and exploring the real-life set of Capuleti House, home to the Capello family and the inspiration behind the worlds most famous Shakespear play of Romeo and Juliet. Enjoy exploring the Courtyard and cast your eyes up to the world famous balcony, or even pose for a romantic picture with your loved one.

Verona Arena

While visiting Verona on a romantic trip, we would suggest taking a trip down to the world famous Roman amphitheatre, dating back to AD 30. Take pictures with the mock Roman gladiators outside (perfect for Instagram) and explore this grandeur arena, littered in past Roman history. The ancient decor and breathtaking architecture will transport you to another time, detaching you from the outside world. We would reccomend checking for any Opera shows that might be running in the evenings, especially in the summer months.

Romantic Dinner

Verona is littered with an array of small gourmet independent restaurants, all slightly different and offering up their own unique quirks. Book a table with your loved one and enjoy a bottle of wine while losing yourself in conversation, as you reminisce about your day. The most famous being Locanda Castelvecchio, located opposite the city’s castle, famous for its wooden covered interior.

Sunset Walks through the city

Take a spontaneous sunset walk through the city of Verona and take in the beautiful architecture and romantic atmosphere after dinner. There are a number of walks that loop around the city, taking you past the famous Castel San Pietro, offering up scenic views of the entire city.

Piazza Delle Erbe

Experience the charm of Verona at Piazza Delle Erbe, surrounded by historic renaissance buildings. The square contains an array of different shops and restaurants and market stalls selling a variety of goods. The square