Thinking about proposing at Lake Garda?

Are you thinking about proposing to your loved one during your trip over to Italy? Then look no further and explore the wonders of Lake Garda, Italy's largest lake spreading across three regions, ideally located within a few kilometres of Verona. The lake itself has been the backdrop to many famous paintings and is openly regarded as one of the worlds greatest wonders, thanks to the glistening sun-kissed water and dramatic mountain ranges. If you are looking to explore Lake Garda for other purposes than a marriage proposal, be sure to check out another of our blogs detailing some of the best activities to immerse yourself in here!


However, if you have found yourself on this blog, it is most likely that you are thinking about asking you're loved an important question, so let's get back to the natural beauty of Lake Garda! Any wedding proposal needs to be memorable and timeless, ensuring that it brings a smile to your face everytime it is mentioned. Lake Garda certainly fits this description, thanks to its postcard scenery and its romantic atmosphere, taken straight from a Hollywood film.


A good wedding proposal needs more than just a good backdrop to be truly memorable and tear-jerking. In order to create the ultimate proposal, we would suggest utilising the lake via a private boat and a hopefully a very discrete boat driver who is extremely good at keeping secrets & storing away chilled bottles of champagne! Once a boat has been hired and your boat driver has been made aware of your secretive attentions, you can choose a variety of different sites to explore, building the drama and suspense to the big moment.


At a predetermined location, the boat driver will happen to turn off the engine at the perfect time, ideally just as the sun is setting, giving you the perfect stage to create a real-life happy ending to your Hollywood style proposal. If you are interested in hearing more about how the team here at Corte Realdi can help make your proposal as special as possible.