The Corte Realdi Guide to Italian culture

Learn about some of the joys of Italian culture exploring romance, language and some unique ways of looking at life that all lend themselves to the magic of this beautiful country.

The Ultimate Romantic Agenda in Verona

Explore the best places to take a loved one while visiting Verona.

Why Stay in a luxury apartment and not a hotel room?

Are you still in the dark about serviced apartments and how they differ from hotel rooms?

What do Italians Eat?

Wanna Be Italiano?

We would love to take you on a walk through the food of Venice and Verona, take a look at our guide. The first part of our series of 16 reasons why Italy is still the best place in the world to experience life’s more luxurious pleasures.

The most popular attractions in Lake Garda

Are you looking to take a trip down to Lake Garda during your time over here in Italy? Have a look here at the most popular attractions worth visiting!

What do Italians Drink?

Wanna Be Italiano

Have a look at the next few reasons in our series of 16 reasons why Italy is still the best place in the world to experience life’s more luxurious pleasures. Find the best drinks and drinking habits from across the North of Italy.

The Packing Essentials for any Venice Trip | Corte Realdi

Take a look at the packing essentials for any trip over to Venice!

The Sites of Verona

When you come to Verona, you’ll want to make the most out of your Italian adventure. To give you some places to think about visiting, here is our list of 10 amazing sites of Verona.

Shopping In Verona

On your holiday in Verona, you’ll doubtless want to pick up some Italian goods to remember the amazing time you had. Take a look at our list of shops to visit for the best shopping experience, whether you’re working for apparel, antiques, perfume, chocolate, or wine.

The best ways to get around Venice

Come take a look at the best and most efficient ways to get around the city here in Venice!

The most popular attractions in Lake Garda

Explore the beauty of one of Italy’s largest lake, renowned for its picturesque scenery and romantic atmosphere. Take a look here at what makes Lake Garda so special!

Thinking about proposing at Lake Garda?

Lake Garda is one of the world’s most romantic and picturesque locations, perfect for those looking to pop the ultimate question to his/her partner.

The Mountains of Italy

Anyone who has seen the mountains of Italy will tell you that they take your breath away. From the pure white peaks to the brilliant blue of the lakes and sky, the nature of Italy will satisfy any wanderlust. Take a look at our guide to see where to spend your time in Italy’s great outdoors.

Verona and the Romance of Shakespeare

It’s a well-known fact that Verona is the setting for Shakespeare’s Romeo & Juliet. As such, this fair city is known to its residents and visitors as the City of Love and Romance. For a quick tour of the most romantic settings of Verona, take a look below.

Christmas in Italy

The staggering beauty of Venice and Verona tempt thousands of holidaymakers to many points of interest. When you find yourself in Venice and Verona, or Italy in general, this winter, take a look at these top destinations and activities for the most memorable Christmas holiday.

Luxury Shopping in Venice

Are you looking to leave Venice with more than you came with? Why not explore the many famous shopping districts in the city!

The Wine of Verona

Here at Corte Realdi Verona, we are fortunate to have unprecedented access to many wonderful things to do in and around Verona. Let us help you create your dream wine experience for your Verona holiday.

Free Things in Venice

Explore some of the best FREE things to explore and enjoy while visiting us here in Venice.